Head Office

1380 Hopkins st Unit 1. Whitby, ON L1R 2A2
Tel: 905-430-2774 Fax: 905-430-2780

Executive Director

Jennifer Hughes, RECE
Ext. 207

Program Director

Jennifer Bagshaw, RECE
Ext. 206

Program Managers

Patricia Jameson, RECE
Ext. 202

Lesley Smid, RECE
Ext. 203

Lindsay Blain, RECE
Ext. 204

HR Manager

Erin Smith, CHRL
Ext. 205

Adminstrator Assistants

Christy Morrison
Ext. 200

Jennifer Williams
Ext. 201

Maria Citano
Ext. 208

Otherwise, for questions about your child’s teachers, school procedure or activities, contact the individual school location List of Centres.