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January 8, 2020

The provincial government announced that they will be extending online learning for elementary students in southern Ontario until January 25, 2021. To support families during this extended school closure, child care centres will remain open. Ontario is also expanding eligibility for the Ministry of Education’s targeted emergency child care program for a broader number of frontline health and safety workers.

P.R.Y.D.E. Learning Centres will continue to operate Kindergarten and School Age child care at the five following locations, Maple Ridge, St. Catherine, St. Bernadette, St. Joseph Uxbridge, and St. Bernard.  Families wanting to register for Emergency care who did not register for the week of January 4-8, will have to follow the same protocol has previously set up, and register through the Region of Durham.  Families already approved for Emergency Care should receive communication from the Region confirming your extension of care for the next two weeks.

For More Information about Emergency Childcare visit:  https://www.durham.ca/en/living-here/child-care-and-early-learning.aspx

To Register for Targeted Emergency Childcare visit:  https://forms.durham.ca/Target-Emergency-Child-Care

Should you have any questions, please call our Head Office at 905-430-2774 or email info@prydelc.cacreate new email.

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support as we work through these unprecedented times.

Jennifer Hughes, RECE

Executive Director


December 21, 2020

We heard from the Premier today that the province will be implementing a mandatory shutdown. The great news is, as of right now, there is no impact to our Infant, Toddler, and Preschool programs or our planned Winter break (Dec 21-Jan.1).  Regular care for kindergarten and school age children will not be offered from January 4-8 and will resume on Monday January 11, 2021 when the children return to school.  It is our understanding that Targeted Emergency Childcare programs will be offered to school age children for eligible parents however, we are awaiting direction on this. 

Once we have additional information, final decisions can be made.  We do know that fees will not be charged to our Kindergarten and School Age families for the week of January 4.  At this time, fees will be charged as normal for our Infant, Toddler and Preschool programs as operations will continue. 

We are hoping to have additional information for you in the coming days.  Please check our website for updates.


December 17, 2020

We know there are many rumours circling regarding Durham Region going into the grey zone (lock down), or a pending provincial lockdown, or schools closing for the two weeks after the Holiday Break (January 04 – January 15, 2021) and a shift to virtual learning following the break. At this time, we have not received any official communication from the Ministry of Education or our local Public Health department confirming if any of this will happen or what this would mean for childcare.

If an announcement is made that affects child care operations, there will be a number of variables to work through. We would ask that you monitor this website for the most up to date communication. We know that this is a difficult time and you may have questions, but we ask that you have patience as we navigate through these uncertain times.

Currently, we are working on preliminary plans for another closure, either partial (just kindergarten and school age) or a full lock down. Once we receive direction from the Ministry of Education we will update you on P.R.Y.D.E.’s plan.

We know this virus is not under control and we all must do our best to stop the spread. Please make safe choices over the next two weeks. All the very best to you and your family over the holidays.



December 15, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Thank you for your ongoing efforts which have made the child care re-opening process possible, and for adhering to public health and safety measures that have ensured child care settings remain safe places.
The holidays are going to look a little different this year and we understand that there may be challenges as the winter break approaches, but we encourage all families to consider how we can work together to make this time as safe as possible, and start 2021 off right. We would also like to remind you about the actions we are taking to reinforce the health and safety protocols aimed at protecting us all while limiting the spread of COVID-19 within our child care setting. During the holidays, it is important for everyone to adhere to the public health measures in our community, at home with family, at work and at child care. By following public health advice, we can all have a safe and fun holiday season. You can check the government’s holiday web page for more direct and up-to-date guidance on how individuals and families can plan for a safe holiday season. Throughout the holiday season, P.R.Y.D.E Learning Centres will continue to:  Reinforce the use of PPE, hand hygiene etiquette, as well as physical distancing
 Limit interactions between groups of children and staff/providers
 Ensure that everyone is screened before they enter the child care premises
 Perform enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of the toys, equipment, and premises
As a reminder, individuals showing symptoms of illness should not attend the chid care program. All children, students, staff, and visitors must be screened for symptoms of illness every day before attending school or child care. To help meet this requirement, you may use either the screening tool required by your school board, child care provider, or local public health unit. We encourage you to visit Ontario.ca/covidresponse to learn the public health measures in place in our community and remind you that these measures could change depending on public health trends, so please visit the website regularly. We also suggest checking out P.R.Y.D.E.’s website as it may also have helpful resources and supports. If you have any questions about what P.R.Y.D.E is doing to protect your children and family in response to COVID-19, please let your Supervisor know.


Jennifer Hughes RECE,

Executive Director

P.R.Y.D.E. Learning Centres inc.


COVID-19 UPDATE – October 2nd, 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Families,

In response to the updates regarding COVID-19 safe guidelines we have modified our policies and procedures to meet the most current information. Below you will find three important documents

1.) Letter to Families to highlight important policy Changes
2.) The Ministry of Health COVID-19 Screening Tool for Children in School and Child Care effective October 2, 2020.
3.) Fact Sheet Re: Novel Coronavirus/Instructions for individuals tested for COVID-19

We ask that you review all documents in detail so that together we are prepared to determine the best course of action should your child present with symptoms of illness.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

Parent Package – October 2020opens PDF file

Updated Ministry of Health Screening Tool – October 2020opens PDF file

Instructions for individuals testedopens PDF file

RE-OPENING UPDATE – August 28th, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your patience as we work through the many interrelated issues involved in the return to learning this fall and what that means for childcare. While we are trying to provide families with clear and reliable information, these are complex matters that evolve rapidly.

For our P.R.Y.D.E.  Infant, Toddler and Preschool programs care will continue as planned and your regular child care fees will be withdrawn.

DDSB – Kindergarten and School Age programs, your child/children may attend child care on their scheduled school days. Payments for September fees will be withdrawn as scheduled per your enrolment documents. Any adjustments or credits will be applied on the first scheduled payment withdrawal in October for the non instructional days that you did not receive care within the staggered start time (September 8 –18.)

DCDSB – Kindergarten and School Age programs, due to recent updates from the Board in regards to bussing there will be no scheduled in class days the week of Sept 8-11. P.R.Y.D.E. will not be able to offer care during this week. Please refer to the DCDSB website for details on what this week entails. Staggered entry will start the week of September 14th as outlined on the DCDSB’S website. Our Educators, along with School Principals and Teachers are working diligently to adapt to the most current circumstances to support our families. In the week ahead, schools will provide you with information regarding your child’s class placement, orientation dates, and school-specific protocols.  

PVNC – For our P.R.Y.D.E. children that are scheduled in our kindergarten and school age programs we will be following the PVNC updated school year with a staggered entry for all students. During the staggered entre your child/children may attend child care on their scheduled school days. Please refer to the PVNC website for details on how the staggered entry will be happening. Our Educators, along with School Principals and Teachers are working diligently to adapt to the most current circumstances to support our families. 

If your child(ren) require accommodations during the staggered starts (i.e. requests to have your child attend more regularly than staggered), please inform the school office and the site Supervisor of your request. It is helpful if families make every possible arrangement for the staggered start so that we can focus on a safe and calm return to school for every child. Our Educators, along with School Principals and Teachers are working diligently to adapt to the most current circumstances to support our families.

Again, we thank you for your continued patience.

RE-OPENING UPDATE – August 19th, 2020

We have received direction from the Durham District School Board that the school year will be beginning as a staggered start.  At this time, we do not how this will impact our before and after school programs.  We will continue to process family registrations as normal until additional information is provided by the Board and the Ministry of Education.

RE-OPENING UPDATE – August 18th, 2020

The Ministry of Education has given the go ahead for Child care to return to Pre- Covid operation as of September 1st. PRYDE will continue to operate under the direction of the Durham Region Public Health department and the Ministry of Education with enhanced health and safety measures in place.

Communication was sent out to families in regards to their plans for return once the school year commences. It is our plan/goal to open all of our remaining sites however, reopening will be based on enrollment and viability.  Families who have not yet communicated needs for September to your site supervisor please do so by the August 20th, 2020 deadline. Spaces will no longer be guaranteed after this date. Once the needs are assessed, the final decision on opening dates for the remaining closed sites will be communicated to families.

RE-OPENING UPDATE – July 27, 2020

P.R.Y.D.E. Learning Centre will be re-opening and operating the following centres during the current COVID19 pandemic under the direction of governing bodies:

  • Bolton C. Falby
  • Maple Ridge
  • St. Bernadette
  • St. Bernard
  • St. Catherine
  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • St. Joseph Uxbridge
  • St. Josephine Bakhita
  • St. Mark

Preparedness is the key to offering children and staff a safe and healthy environment. With these uncertain times, we have modified policies and procedures below that we would like to share with you.

Volunteers and Students: at this time volunteers and students will not be permitted to attend the centres.

Parent Involvement: Physical parent involvement will not be permitted in the centres.

Admissions and Withdrawals: new admissions will NOT be accepted during a pandemic unless we are deemed Emergency care. P.R.Y.D.E.’s withdrawal policy remains in effect of 4 weeks paid notice must be given in the event you wish to withdraw your child. Withdrawal notice is paid unless we are closed. In the event that ratios are reduced we will have limited spaces available for care. Priority will be given to families that both parents are working or fall under priority services laid out by governing bodies.

Arrival and Pick up:

  • specific times for drop off and pick up will be required in order to generate proper staffing.
  • Please note that you may be required to wait upon arrival/Pick up to ensure social distancing.
  • Parents and children will be screened and health checked including temperature reading at the door, and Parents are not permitted into the Centre. Children and Adults will be asked to use hand sanitizer.
  • Personal belongings (e.g. backpacks, clothing etc.) should be minimalized and clearly labeled.

Programs: A cohort is defined as a group of children and staff who stay together throughout the duration of the program for the minimum of 1 week.

  • Maximum cohort size for each room in a child care centre will consist of no more than 10 individuals. This includes both staff and children.
  • The Public Health department recommends outdoor play therefore; we will be spending a lot of time outdoors.
  • Playgrounds can only be used by one cohort at a time and will be sanitized between uses.
  • Educators will encourage social distancing with the children, planned activities will not include shared toys or equipment.
  • Staff will only work at one location and any relief staff will only be permitted to work at one location.

Health and safety: it is advised by the Durham Public Health Dept. that children and or families with a compromised immune system arrange alternate care if possible. Our exclusion policies have been heightened to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • If at any time a child or adult (Guardians or Staff of PRYDE) answer Yes to any of the screening questions, they will not be permitted into the centre.
  • If any child or Adult (Guardian or Staff of PRYDE) registers a temperature of 37.8 or higher, they will not be permitted into the centre.
  • If a child or Staff of PRYDE becomes ill or has a temperature during the day they will be sent home.
  • Children sent home with a temperature or illness cannot return to the centre until they are 48 hours free of symptoms.
  • Guardians/ children and Staff may be requested to contact the Public Health Department prior to return.
  • Any visible signs of ill Health of a child or Adult (Guardian or Staff of PRYDE) they will not be permitted into the centre.

Sanitation: P.R.Y.D.E. will have extra employees on schedule for heightened cleaning protocols. All P.R.Y.D.E. Employee’s will be trained on Health and Safety, Sanitation and Policies and procedures prior to returning to work. Classroom and washrooms will be cleaned several times per day.

We are currently awaiting direction from the Ministry of Education regarding our Kindergarten and School Age programs in September.

RE-OPENING UPDATE – July 6, 2020

Dear Families:

P.R.Y.D.E. Learning Centres will be reopening select locations August 04, 2020. We will be operating under enhanced health and safety requirements as part of Stage 2 in Ontario’s Reopening Plan.

Our programs are guided by Public Health to ensure the safety of all children, families , and our child care educators. We will be operating with limited attendance and our spaces our extremely limited . Please contact your site supervisor for more information.

We have also processed all outstanding refunds for childcare fees paid in March.  If you pay your childcare fees through pre-authorized debit, you will see these funds in your account today.  If you pay by cheque, a refund cheque will be mailed to the address we have on file for you this week.

RE-OPENING UPDATE – June 15, 2020

Dear Families:

You have likely heard the announcement by the Provincial Government that child care is permitted to open as of Friday June 12, 2020. We realize childcare is vital in families returning to the workforce; however, although the Province has stated that childcare CAN open as of Friday, our Organization needs time to carefully plan our re-opening to ensure the safety of our educators and children.

Prior to setting a date for reopening, we must ensure the following guidelines set out by the Ministry and Region are met:

  • Access the school for a deep clean and arrange classrooms, to meet new requirements
  • Determine eligibility of families based on the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education
  • Children that have been attending a licenced emergency care facility currently in the Region of Durham that have previously been enrolled in a P.R.Y.D.E. location
  • Families where parents must return to work and that work outside of the home
  • Drop off and pick up procedures for families that will be time specific
  • Training for all educators
  • Send our updated and new policies to be review, signed and returned by parents.
  • Approval from the Ministry of Health
  • Approval of policies and protocol by the Ministry of Education

Approximately 80% of our revenue comes from Parent fees, with the remainder of revenue coming from Provincial Funding. This funding was recently modified to only allow for limited fixed costs. These costs do not include our Educators salaries. Our Organization needs to develop a fiscally viable plan for re opening. The Provincial retroactive funding decision has placed organizations like P.R.Y.D.E. Learning Centres into a deficit position. Moving forward we need to consider sustainability for our organizations future.

 A survey to determine childcare needs was sent to families with a deadline to respond of noon on Monday June 15, 2020.  If you were unable to respond to the survey prior to the deadline, please email info@prydelc.cacreate new email and include the following information

Centre Name:

Child(ren) Name and Date of Birth:

Date Care is Required:

We will determine the number of locations and start dates once the  surveys are returned, and funding is clarified.


Jennifer Hughes, RECE
Executive Director

P.R.Y.D.E. Learning Centres

COVID-19 UPDATE – June 9, 2020

With the announcement today that childcare can reopen in Ontario, P.R.Y.D.E. Learning Centres is finalizing our reopening plan and we would ask you to please be patient and stay tuned to our website for updates.

COVID-19 UPDATE – MARCH 24, 2020

Premier Ford announced yesterday that schools (including childcare centres) would remain closed beyond April 6, 2020. We don’t have a date in which we will be permitted to reopen at this time.


Families will not be charged for child care fees incurred during the closure. Once we have received clearance to reopen our centres, we will update this page to advise our families when regular payments will resume. Families will receive a credit on their next payment for any over payment received by P.R.Y.D.E for March fees.

If your family travels out of the country during this period, you are required to self-quarantine for a total of 14 days upon your return to the country.

We request that you inform our head office immediately if you or a member of your household is: Being tested for COVID-19, is self-quarantining, or has been placed on self-quarantine by the public health department due to exposure.

Our head office is currently closed, however, if you have any questions, you can leave a voice mail at 905-430-2774 or email hr@prydelc.cacreate new email.


We have received direction from the school boards that all child care programs will be closed effective March 14, 2020 to April 5, 2020.


The Ministry of Education made the decision on March 12, 2020 that all publicly funded schools including child cares located within the schools will be closed during the same time period noted above in order to help combat the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Families will not be charged for child care fees incurred from March 14, 2020-April 5, 2020 as services are not available during this period. Regular payments will resume on April 6, 2020. Families on a monthly pay cycle will receive a credit on their next payment for any over payment received by P.R.Y.D.E.

If your family travels out of the country during this period, you are required to self-quarantine for a total of 14 days upon your return to the country.

We request that you inform our head office immediately if you or a member of your household is: Being tested for COVID-19, is self-quarantining, or has been placed on self-quarantine by the public health department due to exposure.

If you have any questions, please contact our Head Office at 905-430-2774.


I’m sure that you have all heard the message from the Premier announcing that schools will be closed from March 14th, 2020 to April 5, 2020.


We are currently looking into this further – we are unsure at this time whether programs can remain open– please proceed as usual for tomorrow.

We will keep you informed as we learn what the exact direction is from the Ministry of Education.

Please be patient as we work through this.